Flavia Aranha


Creative process

The brand is a conjunction of special features in which Flavia Aranha's dreams and concerns took form. In the beginning, some of these concerns were only an intention, but now they are the elements that define who we are. We base our production in a structured chain wherein human relations are prioritized and traditional knowledge is valued. 

The craft production, besides being highly productive, is a bridge that connects us to our ancestry. Our older knowledge recorded in the memory through the (re) production of the technique. We believe that this connection is required as a way to present ourselves to the world. 

The designer's inspiration comes from the relationships that constitute the ecosystem in which the brand is inserted, the awareness of interdependence between us and the environment. Getting to know the farmers, the artisans, talking to the seamstresses, carefully observe what is happening around them; the gestures of a craft, the sound of the dense forest, the singing of the spinners, all these is transforming. The textures, colors and shapes of a new collection come from a subjective reading of this interaction.


Productive Process



The basic activities of brand development occur in the workshop at Vila Madalena in São Paulo - Brazil. Once designed, all the new products are sent to the modeler and then they are shaped according to the concept of the first sketch.

Along with the team of seamstress responsible for sewing the first designed piece of clothing, the best finishes are studied for each type of fabric or material, considering that each piece of clothing and raw material has their peculiarities.

This close relationship of the whole team, each having its specific technical knowledge, generates a fundamental interdisciplinary environment to create products with identity and quality.


After the seam step has been accomplished, the products are dyed with natural dyes from renewable sources, such as bark, fruits, leaves and roots. In addition to coloring our garments, the dyeing workshop also works as a laboratory and a space to share the knowledge acquired so far through specialized workshops.

Productive Groups

Networking is presented as a value and allows the relationship between the brand and producer groups to be viewed horizontally. We seek, through this engagement, valuing traditional knowledge and traditional techniques giving space to creativity and innovation inherent in each trade.